Perhaps one of the smarter investments decisions made by our government

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In my opinion, this is perhaps one of the smarter investments made by our government, the purchase of gold reserves in 2001. Thanks to crazyguru at for the information.

Singapore Gold Reserve

Gold Trend since 2000In case you don’t know what the price of gold was like back then, check out the chart on the right generated by

While we always criticise the bad investments made by the government, I feel that it’s also important to recognise the good ones to give an unbiased view.

Sadly, just comparing to the large amount of reserves the local government have in their hands makes the amount of gold reserve look tiny. But then again, since nobody can predict the future of gold, it would have been pretty tough trying to convince the management to sink more cash into gold.

Currently, I’m saving for my first 100g gold bar. How about you?

Have you started your golden journey yet?

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