My first silver investment

Dear readers,
Perth Mint Silver BarYesterday was a silvery Saturday for me. Check out the shiny baby on the right.

Late last month, I tagged along with another forum member in GoldClubAsia to purchase a 1 kilogram silver bar from Perth Mint and they finally arrived!

I paid and picked up my silver bar on Saturday morning. It came bubble-wrapped.

Like all silverware, silver bars do tarnish as well. So in the same afternoon, I met up with another forum member to buy a piece of SilverGuard cloth to wrap my silver to protect it from tarnish and corrosion. From plain sight, it’s basically a piece of dark cloth. Well, I guess we’ll know whether it works after a year or so.

Silver Maples

On the same day, I bought some one-ounce silver maples from another forum. Well let’s say it’s a silver spree for me.

The maples came in sealed plastic packaging so there won’t be any worries about them tarnishing. Storage was also very easy because I can simply compact them by folding them together.

These babies are my current stash for silver investments. If all goes well, I plan to keep them for at least five years along with my gold bullions while accumulating more.

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