Like-minded gold investors in Singapore?

Dear readers,

  1. Are you thinking to invest in gold, but do not know who can advise you in Singapore?
  2. Have you invested in gold, and wish to mingle with like-minded investors?

If you are either one of the above, you have got to check out

GoldClubAsia is a gold investment forum that was recently launched to share knowledge about gold investing in Singapore. GoldClubAsia is a club created by gold investors, for gold investors so you can always be sure that the owner will be catering to your every needs.

The birth of GoldClubAsia came from a single thread in the Channelnewsasia forum, discussing on how to invest in gold. The owner of GoldClubAsia saw the demand for a gold investment community and took the risk and started GoldClubAsia.

Regardless if you are a novice investors with few thousand dollars or a fund manager with billions under command, everyone will be able learn something together in the club.

So what are you waiting for? Join GoldClubAsia and start your golden journey with like-minded friends.

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