How about a nugget?

Dear readers,

My apologies for not posting for quite some time as I was very busy with projects and business.

Today, My DBSVickers account finally credited my profits from selling HG Metal. I went over to UOB to buy somemore gold coins. The reason why I chose to buy it today was due to a fall in gold price. To anyone who is interested in buying some gold from UOB, please take note that the gold counter at UOB only accepts funds from your UOB account or cash. No NETS, no credit cards, and no cheque. I forgot about this cleanly and had to go all the way down to the DBS bank to make a cash withdrawal at their counter (my ATM withdrawal limit wasn’t enough).

While waiting to be served at the counter, I took a look at today’s gold prices for the various gold bars and coins. I came across the prices for 2 oz and 10 oz Australian Kangaroo Gold Nuggets. It seems that a 2 oz nugget is cheaper than two 1 oz coins. I assume the difference to be workmanship.

As I originally intended to purchase two 1oz gold coins, I decided to buy a 2 oz nugget since it is slightly cheaper. The Australian Kangaroo Gold Nuggets come in their own protective case. The heavier weight of a 2 oz nugget feels alot better compared to the smaller 1 oz coin. The only problem for 2 oz and 10 oz nuggets is that the prices are not reflected in the UOB daily gold and silver price web page. So to check the current price for my nugget, I’d have to give UOB a call to find out. But since I’m looking at a very long term investment, I guess I won’t be calling them any time soon.

My Australian Kangaroo Gold Nugget

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