Have you invested in gold?

Dear readers,

I’m writing this blog post in MacDonalds at Takashimaya munching, on McNuggets and slurping my Coca Cola Light.

Yup, it’s my leave today and I spent the day clearing some of my backlogs.

What I wish to share with you, is my first gold investment that I made today. To invest in gold, there are a few methods:

  • Start a Gold Savings Account with UOB
  • Invest in streetTRACKSĀ® Gold Shares ETF
  • Invest in gold mining companies overseas
  • Purchase physical gold bars/coins

For me, I chose to purchase physical gold coins for a start. The time horizon set for my gold investment is at least 5-10 years. So today, I bought my first Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion coin. My original intention was to get the American Eagle gold bullion coin but UOB didn’t have any stock for that. Hence I settled for a Canadian Maple Leaf. All I can say is, the feeling of a gold coin on the palm of your hand is damn good!

Here’s an image of what the Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion coin looks like.

Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion coin

Now you’re probably going to ask me, why did I choose to buy physical gold coins instead of the other three methods of gold investments that I mentioned earlier. Well, to me, buying a gold coin (at a premium due to manufacturing and taxes) is the most transparent because no matter how long you keep your coin, you will not incur any additional charges (until your collection becomes huge and you need to keep them in a safe deposit box).

I foresee that gold will be a popular asset once everyone in the world realise that paper money is indeed worthless, and gold is still the absolute value. Till then, I’ll continue to have 10-20% of my investments in gold.

So have you started your gold investment yet?

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