Good time to buy gold?

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Most of you must be wondering, when is a good time to buy gold? Frankly, I can’t answer this question for you. Every investor should do their own research, and decide based on their own assessment, when to buy or sell their investments. You are investing your own money and should never let others make the investment decision for you.

What fellow investors like me can do, is to share our knowledge to help you make a well-informed choice. In 19th June 2007, an interesting article about using seasonal price trends to your advantage in bargain buying by Randal Strauss and Jonathan Kosares for

Gold Trends

The article pointed out that despite gold prices straddling in the middle of the year, pricing patterns in June and July have allowed investors to the very latest-possible opportunity to buy gold at levels, still below the annual price for that year.In fact, over the past 35 years, this trend holds on average, and over two-thirds of the average annual gains have been registered between August and December.

So what do you think of the old Wall Street adage, “to sell in May and go away” now?

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