Gold hits latest record high, near S$2,229

NEW YORK (AP) – The price of gold hit its latest record high, near US$1,830 (S$2,229) an ounce, as investors spooked by the prospect of a return to recession sought out safety on Thursday in the precious metal.

Gold prices have more than doubled since the recession began in late 2007. They’ve risen about 19 per cent since the beginning of June, as European leaders struggled to keep the debt crisis from infecting the region’s major economies and US politicians nearly drove the country to the brink of default, prompting Standard & Poor’s to cut the country’s AAA credit rating.

Morgan Stanley on Thursday cut its forecast for global economic growth for this year and 2012, saying the U.S. and the 17 countries that use the euro were ‘hovering dangerously close to a recession’. While gold has hit a series of record highs over the past 2 months, the Standard & Poor’s 500 has dropped about 15 per cent, while the dollar, a traditional safe haven during periods of market turbulence and fear, is flat against a group of six major currencies.

The metal’s value, unlike that of a currency, doesn’t depend on the health of a single country’s economy. Its swift rise has made it popular with investors seeking big returns, as well as presumed safety from turbulent financial markets. Despite gold’s big run-up, however, it remains below its 1980 peak when adjusted for inflation. Then it was worth US$850 an ounce, or about US$2,400 in 2011 dollars.

Source: Straits Times

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