Gold can clean your drinking water

Gold can clean your drinking water
Source: Commodity Online

MUMBAI: Do you know that Gold can clean your drinking water?

According to a news article posted on the World Gold Council web site, gold nanoparticles ten thousand times smaller than a human hair could be used to break down chemicals in drinking water and reduce pollution.

It said the particles, which mix gold and palladium, are the creation of engineer Dr Michael Wong from Rice University in Houston, Texas. Dr Wong was recently named among Smithsonian magazine’s America’s Young Innovators.

His particles are used alongside hydrogen to break down harmful solvents and other chemicals in groundwater, making it safer for both humans and animals.

Dr Wong commented that the gold nanoparticles are more efficient than the carbon ones currently used to decontaminate water – and they are also cheaper to produce.

Reducing pollution in drinking water is a key health and environmental concern in the United States. According to the site, Dr Wong says groundwater in 30 out of the union’s 50 states has been designated as being “highly contaminated” by the Environmental Protection Agency.

He now plans to test his nanoparticles at military sites before moving on to industrial and commercial businesses.

Contaminants commonly found in US drinking water include micro-organisms, naturally occurring chemicals and disinfection byproducts.

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