Clearance stock of gold and silver bullions!

Dear readers,

I’m selling off a portion of my bullion assets to finance another asset investment that I’m taking up soon.

The following bullion are up for grabs:

1) 100 x 1oz bullion Silver American Eagles (in tubes of 20s) (SOLD)
2) 10 x 1oz bullion Pan American Silver Bars (SOLD)
3) 1 x 1oz Perth Mint bullion gold bar (sealed) (SOLD)
4) 1 x 1oz bullion Singapore Lion gold coin (SOLD)
5) 1 x 1oz bullion Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin (SOLD)
6) 2 x 1oz bullion Australian Kangaroo gold nugget coin (SOLD)

For gold bullion, looking at the average of the buy & sell price in the UOB website.
For silver bullion, looking at S$33 per oz but S$32 per oz if buyer takes all 110oz.

If you are looking at increase your gold and silver investment, now is the time that you’ve been waiting for!

Please email me at to make your offer.

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